Munchkin - Diaper Change Organiser


A convenient organizer that holds all of your diaper essentials - so the things you need are always within reach of the one hand you have available.

This all-in-one hanging unit allows you to organize your diapering essentials and keep them handy for quick and easy diaper changes. This sturdy organizer conveniently attaches to a dresser, changing table, crib wall, or door. This is an ideal organizer for people who have limited table top space. Plus, it has loads of storage space designed specifically for diaper changes. There are a total of 8 customized storage compartments to hold diapers, wipes, lotions, washcloths, burp cloths, accessories and more. Easy-to-access diaper compartment holds over 50 diapers. Sturdy pouch holds a standard wipes case. Deep pockets can hold burp cloths , washcloths, clothes and more.

• Attaches to dresser, changing table, crib wall, or door
• 8 storage compartments with sturdy pockets that provide easy access to supplies
• Holds over 50 diapers
• Sturdy, reinforced construction

Note : Accessories are not included.

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