Snails - Nail Art Marker


The safe way to enjoy nail art fun. What will you draw with Snails Markers?

New Snails Markers are just as colourful and safe as our other kids' nail polishes - but they're pens! So now you can have fun drawing whatever you want on your nails. Faces, hearts, kitties, whatever - it's totally up to you. And with beautiful colours to choose from, we bet you can draw some really amazing designs! Mums will love Snails Markers too.

They're completely non-toxic, so they're safe. They wash off with soap and water in time for school. And because they're water based, they even wash out of clothes, carpets and furniture - so no need to worry about little accidents.

Easy and fun to use. Kids simply shake the pens and draw whatever they want on their fingernails or toenails.