Snails - Safe Kids Nail Polish


Designed for children - Snails nail polish is 100% washable and does not need any toxic smelly nail polish remover. Ideal for dressing up to parties and weekends. Simply wash with soap and water when dress up time is over! NO NEED OF NAIL POLISH REMOVERS full of chemicals! It also comes with a bonus that it will not stain clothes, carpets or floors as it is soluble!

Snails nail polishes are free from harsh chemical odors but with a fine babyish smell. The only child polish to be 100% European, Snails is the first children's nail polishes made in France from a revolutionary patented technology that is 100% water-based and 100% safe for children, and is packaged in lead free Italian glass bottles. Snails adheres to all the regulations set out by the EU protective laws for cosmetics.

Made of 3 main ingredients : Water, Acrylic Polymer and Non Toxic Colourants.

Available in fanciful colors and a top coat.

How to Use

In order to make your kid's tips and toes even more adorable, we recommend these simple steps to help our polishes to stay on from playtime all the way to bedtime and more!

• Remove any existing polish and buff nails.
• If your child has dry or parched nails, they may experience chipping or streaking. To stop this, simply apply a drop of jojoba oil to the nail bed and buff.
• Wash hands thoroughly to remove any residue or buffing dust.
• Dry hands and nails thoroughly.
• Apply 1-2 coats of polish. Allow roughly 3 minutes of drying time between coats to avoid streaks. There is no need for a base coat, but if your child wants the polish to last for the weekend then you can use our Snail's top coat for a longer lasting manicure.